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We are the Academic Staff of the University of Wisconsin System

Academic Staff are the professionals at the University of Wisconsin campuses who work collaboratively with their tenure-track faculty colleagues.

Academic Staff contribute to the educational enterprise in a wide variety of positions. Academic Staff teach, conduct research, and manage and coordinate academic departments and all student services including student advising, admissions, financial aid, registration, residence life, library services, and all other activities central to the educational mission of the University of Wisconsin System.

Academic Staff include more than 12,000 professionals which is nearly twice the number of faculty at all of the UW System campuses.

Academic Staff comprise 35% of all UW System employees.

We are ASPRO

ASPRO was created in 1989 after the Wisconsin State Legislature proposed that academic staff receive a lower salary increase than the faculty. Academic staff recognized the need to raise the visibility of their roles at the University and to lobby the Legislature and Executive Branch to ensure fair treatment. The organization was founded by academic staff at UW-Madison who were involved in governance, but the founding members realized that creating a separate organization distinct from campus or System governance was the preferred and most effective way of achieving ASPRO’s goals. Within a few years, the academic staff at UW-Milwaukee petitioned to join ASPRO. Membership across all campuses within the UW System followed in 1997.

Since its founding, the academic staff have always been treated the same as the faculty of the UW System with regard to salary and benefits.

ASPRO is a not-for-profit, membership-driven, professional organization that represents the UW System academic staff and their interests to the State Legislature, the Governor, the Board of Regents, and the public.

ASPRO is a voluntary, membership-supported lobbying organization formed to create a single voice for the largest group of UW System employees.

ASPRO is the only lobbying and public relations organization that represents the Academic Staff and only the Academic Staff.

ASPRO is not a union nor does it negotiate or bargain terms of employment.


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