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Why Should I Join?

Because ASPRO has protected your pay, benefits and job security. Because you and your academic staff colleagues will not have to do it alone.

Perhaps you are an Academic Staff member who is concerned about how you are treated on campus or within the University System. You want to be a professional committed to the students and the work that you do, but want a sense of security about your employment. You are extremely busy, don’t have the time or may be uncomfortable with speaking out publicly –YOU SHOULD JOIN ASPRO.

Perhaps you are an Academic Staff leader on your campus. You serve on your campus’s Academic Staff Assembly or Senate. You are comfortable talking with administrators. You are willing to contact legislators or testify before a legislative committee. You have a desire to be involved – YOU SHOULD JOIN ASPRO.

You will benefit.

  • Access to “insider” information affecting your job and your life.

  • A place to quietly raise concerns that can be investigated and addressed without calling attention to yourself.

  • Your role at the University will be championed to Legislators, System Administration, and the Regents.

  • Advocates will be working to protect your job, your salary, and your employment benefits.

Your membership strengthens ASPRO

  • Larger membership increases ASPRO’s clout with Legislators and System Administration.

  • Legislators of all parts of the State will be supportive of the academic staff as they hear from their constituents who work at UW campuses.

  • Every member adds to the financial power of ASPRO to retain the best staff who advocate on your behalf.

Who benefits?

  • All academic staff – ASPRO lobbies on issues that benefit all academic staff regardless of title, funding source, appointment type, pay level or campus.

Membership Rates and Forms

Membership is open to anyone employed by the University of Wisconsin System. Membership is voluntary and open to both currently employed and retired staff. Dues are as follows:

  • Active members have two options: pay annual dues of $135 via check OR opt for the dues to be taken directly from your monthly paycheck at a rate of 0.25 of 1% (most dues are in the range of $7-$11 per month, via payroll deduction).

  • Retired members pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of $25.00.

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